Patrice has taught poetry, creative writing and collage making for many years, working with adults and children in a variety of settings. She currently teaches through the Osher Program at CSUMB, in local public schools, and privately. Patrice offers weekly writing workshops for women, one-day and five-day retreats. Interested in bringing her in to work with your group—workmates, friends, family, church groups?

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Each workshop and retreat offers participants time to reflect and engage with their imagination, to find words for what they thought was unsayable, to write freely, with curiosity and confidence. 


Finding Your Words for Now: 

Women’s Autumn Writing Workshop

Saturdays, 2/12, 3/12/, 4/9, & 5/14, 9:30 - 12:30 (Pacific)

Nobody can write what you will. And before you sit down before paper, 

what will come out of the pen is hardly wholly known. 

Such is the divine mystery of creative process! 

Oh, I am a devotee. 


Join me for a Saturday morning summer writing workshop, to infuse and liberate, to expand and deepen your writing life in the company of other women 

also engaged in such discovery. 


Each session includes two writing periods inspired by a range of materials. 

Our morning concludes with  an opportunity for those who wish 

to share something they’ve just written.


$200 for all four sessions.

$60 for individual sessions.

To register:

writing retreats

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One-Day Writing Retreats

A few times during the year, Patrice leads one-day writing retreats for women—a time to step back from the demands of our everyday lives and turn inward, a time to mull in the company of others also honoring the value of doing so. She holds these workshops in beautiful locations along the Monterey Peninsula and offers them for groups who invite her. Lunch comes with each retreat so the day can be focused on creative exploration.

The Spring Step into Nature Writing Retreat

We're hoping for spring or fall of 2022!

Annually, Patrice offers a five-day writing retreat in a gorgeous location. She’s brought groups to New Mexico, Santa Barbara, Arizona and Mendocino County. 

This year’s retreat will be held at Bell Valley Retreat Center along the Navarro River in the Anderson Valley in rural Mendocino, and only about 100 miles north of San Francisco. Autumn weather, I'm told, is the best time to be there—warm but not hot days, cool but not cold nights.

The fall is my favorite writing time, when the move inward begins and my imagination becomes most lush.


Bell Valley will be our and ours alone for the retreat. Lodging is in the original Toll House, a converted barn, and tent cabins.

We’ll gather for hurry-free days of inspiration. Time for community and solitude, reflection and revery. Imagine not getting into your car for several days and being able to take strolls or hikes in the surrounding hills. Our nutritious and equally delicious meals will be prepared by a personal chef.

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school programs

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“She taught us to listen to our hearts.”

“The thing I like about writing poems is the feeling and the flying of pencils and getting everything on paper.”

“Her very presence releases something for us and gives us permission for expression.”

The Heart of the Word: Poetry and the Imagination
A Writing and Literature Program

When I was 19 I began teaching poetry to children, first volunteering in a school, where I taught myself how to teach. Through my program, The Heart of the Word: Poetry and the Imagination, I’ve been at it ever since. In addition to working with children, I offer teacher trainings, classes for parents, and family writing workshops, and I consult in the area of curriculum development.

Through writing poems we can give voice to many aspects of our lives—our daily experiences, thoughts and feelings, our unique perceptions of the world. Writing poetry empowers students to see themselves as writers and to excel in written expression.

Staff development workshops educate teachers in poetry's uniqueness and how it give kids the needed inspiration to develop a lifelong love of writing that can open the door to all forms of writing. Rarely do teachers get the opportunity to write for themselves—a workshop with Patrice provides that chance.

Since parents are their children’s first teachers, a workshop on how to support kids success and enjoyment of writing is most apt.

Family writing workshops bring together children and parents to write together. Ever written a poem as a whole family? Patrice performs poems and leads the group in writing explorations.

During the 2019 - 2020 school year I’m teaching at two elementary schools—Captain Cooper in Big Sur and Robert Down in Pacific Grove. I’ll also offer workshops at area public libraries, including: Monterey, Pacific Grove, Salinas and Santa Cruz.