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These Pandemic Grays

My brand new essay, These Pandemic Grays, was just accepted for publication

by Catamaran Literary Reader for their winter issue. and I couldn't be more thrilled!

About 25 hours went into writing it, having collected notes beforehand. Once I found

my stride I was like a train that had picked up more speed than it knew it had, waking

at 3:30am, one morning having been woken from a deep sleep by what needed to be


There are other ecstatic experiences in life, sure there are, but the feeling of writing

and the words coming even before being called for and more accurate than I could

have anticipated, and then to have it received by one of my favorite literary magazines,

now that's big joy for me.

These Pandemic Grays incorporates what started me off making this series of collages, Moments of Transcendence.

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