Finding Your Words for Now:

Online Writing Workshop

Four Saturdays:

September 19

October 3

November 7

December 5 

9:30 - 12:30 Pacific Time

Some days are a tumult of ricocheting emotions that may leave us feeling stranded at the shore of our lives. Time to reach for a net, grab that tumult and give it form. Turn your now into story, poem, journal entry.


Whether you call your self a writer or not, no matter. This three-hour workshop will support you to take what is confusing and beyond understanding and transform it into story, poem, or journal entry. Make something tangible out of your now. Find words to respond to our complicated world. Make art out of your life.

* Strengthen your ability to listen to yourself and others.

* Play with language

* Invite inspiration

* Conquer self-doubt

Join each class for $60 


all four for only $200!

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