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Finding Your Voice on Paper:

A Five-Session Zoom Workshop with Patrice Vecchione


May 6- June 3 FULL

June 10 - July 8 Spaces Available! 

This second session is open to all, including those who are participating in the first offering. The materials and inspirations will be new!

If you’ve someone who’s written for decades or someone who’s wanted to write but hesitated to pick up a pen, join us for this opportunity to explore your voice on paper. Many people suddenly have more time than they’ve had before and with anxiety running high and emotions often rollercoaster-ing, now is the perfect time to create a writing practice that suits your life.  No need to feel isolated! This is the perfect time to be together in the best way we can, so let’s Zoom!


Focus on whatever form calls to you in the moment—poetry, journal entries, fiction or nonfiction.

We’ll look at:

  • the mind of the writer

  • how to listen

  • developing belief in what’s not yet written down

  • how to invite inspiration

  • ways of responding to our particularly complicated world

Each session will include writing inspirations, time to write, and an opportunity to read your new work aloud to the group, should you wish.



When you choose this price, you are helping to make a space for someone who couldn't otherwise attend.

Scholarships available.

Email patrice@patricevecchione.com


Saturday, June 6, 9:30 - 1:00


Sure, we’re living through one hell of a time and writing though not a way out is a fail-proof way through. Calm the overwhelm brought on by fear and uncertainty. When words find their way to the page, you can have a bit of breathing space. This workshop is for writers of any and every genre.

Do all this and support Old Capitol Books, an independent, family run, beloved Monterey bookstore in need of funds to stay afloat, and we need bookstores now more than ever! Without our help, Old Capitol Books will be unable to stick around. This is a bookstore that hosts poetry readings, experimental art performances, and offers both new and used books.

Fee: $80. 
50% of the workshop fee goes directly to Old Capitol Books and the other 50% helps support an author! 

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