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Patrice Vecchione
Author • Poet • Artist • Teacher

May your imagination delight and inform you wherever you go!

Upcoming Art Show!

Imagination Migration


Patrice's Art Installation
opens at Sweet Elena's Bakery
465 Olympia Ave, Sand City,
(just north of Monterey)

March 22 - May 29

The opening reception will be on

Saturday, March 23, from 3:00 - 5:00


About 100 birds will fly into the bakery along one wall,
coasting above a 15 foot-long mountain range, and about another 100, continuing their migration, will head out of the bakery along the opposite wall where they'll fly above a sparkling blue ocean. 

Some birds will carry pencils in their beaks so they can write the stories and poems they'll be inspired to write on the sky as they travel.

Others will wear necklaces with maps to guide them on their way and pictures of the flowers they can't wait to finally see again, after so much time away.


Interested in bringing Patrice in to work with your group?

Each workshop and retreat offers participants time to reflect and engage with their imagination, to find words for what they thought was unsayable, to write freely, with curiosity and confidence. 

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